Q+A With Designer Frankie Jorna

September 24, 2019


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland based designer, Francesca Jorna, who goes by the nickname Frankie, is a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve kind of gal. I caught up with her in Auckland, New Zealand for a lifestyle shoot and a heart-to-heart about starting her denim label, fashion and the world through her eyes.

frankie jorna, portrait, blonde girl, leaning against red wall, wearing denim jacket

Tell us about your label Visual Lockup
The inspiration for Visual Lockup came from my passion for sustainability and the environment. I want to specifically work towards creating a more sustainable and ethical solution in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is dominantly run by many fast fashion brands, but it’s great to see more ethical businesses like my denim business emerging. People are starting to become more aware of how their clothing is made and where it comes from. Consider this – fast fashion is not free. Someone somewhere else is paying. My collection displays a unique range of hand-painted denim pieces, including both unique designs and messages on them.

What inspires you?
What inspires me the most is seeing other artists pursue their love for creativity and art. It really fuels my creative energy to come up with new designs. On the other hand, coming from a designer’s perspective I feel you never know when inspiration will strike. It can happen at any place and any time no matter what context you are in. I feel driven and motivated by other people who genuinely want to help other people for the greater good. Those who are willing to volunteer overseas and help out charities are a big inspiration in my eyes.

frankie jorna, portrait, blonde girl, sunlight, wearing denim jacket

What do you love about the creative scene in Auckland?
Even though the art scene is still evolving in Auckland, it has a variety of galleries you can visit, whether it’s up and coming artists or artists who are well known, there’s something for everyone. I do wish though that we had a similar art scene like in Wellington; it’s super creative city and I can see why people love it there so much!

What do you think are two social issues that we as a society need to address and why?
Where do I start…climate change is the biggest issue that our generation faces and other issues such as racism, terrorism, poverty and the refugee crisis. In regards to environmental issues, New Zealanders are responsible for looking after our pacific neighbours. Geographically New Zealand is a close neighbour to these pacific nations so we have a responsibility to them as a developed country. Furthermore, what we decide to do now has a huge impact on the future of the next generation. Continuing to spread more awareness about climate change will educate people about the damaging effects we inflict on our environment so that we can work towards building a more sustainable future.

What we decide to do now has a huge impact on the future of the next generation.

frankie jorna, portrait, blonde girl, sitting in sunlight, wearing denim jacket