I was 12 years old when I discovered photography in the magazine section of my local library. Fashion and travel magazines were my early teachers in the art form. It became a fascination that turned into a lifelong love affair when I was gifted my first camera at age 14 (thanks Mum!). Since then, I've become steadily obsessed with capturing the beauty of the natural world and everyday magic (FYI I'm one of those people who swoons over pretty sunlight).

Over three years ago, I waved goodbye to a five-year-long career in consulting to follow my bliss, returning to full-time studies and completing a diploma in computer graphic design. Not long after becoming a bona fide creativa, my husbabe and I left our idyllic island nation of New Zealand to seek out new adventures across the ditch in Melbourne Australia.

I've worked as part of the digital marketing team at Forty Winks Australia and shot content for local Australian businesses and artists like Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, Jux Jewellery, Kholo the label and Rebecca Kate. At the heart of what I do is my passion for helping you bring your vision to life and celebrating the time, effort and all the hard work you've poured into creating something meaningful for others to cherish and enjoy. I get a kick out of putting your brand story into focus, holding it up to the digital light and illuminating the parts of it that make your people sit up, take notice and connect.